13 Reasons Why I Blog

I am an old-school person who still writes on notebooks, sticky notes and planner(at least while I was working full time). Getting paper and pen is easier for me than mobile phone/laptop. But an old-school person should adapt to latest technology and so I started blogging. This is not my first blog website. I started in Friendster and blogspot. Friendster is gone and I haven’t publish in blogspot for many years until recently when I was able to retrieve my account.

As I mentioned in one of my posts in June, I will write about the reasons why I blog. Friends who know me well don’t need to read this post to know the reasons. But, I assume (yes, hopefully), there are people who are still interested and so please continue reading.

  1. I like writing. This is in #1 because it is the main reason. I like writing. When I start writing or typing, it seems like my hands have their own minds. But it doesn’t mean I’ll be satisfied with the output. Most of the time, it ended up in the trash bin or forever in my drafts and never get published or eventually deleted. Sometimes, I will erase all and start over again. I think most bloggers can relate to me.
  2. I can express my thoughts. There are times and things that we cannot express well verbally. For me, it’s when my emotion is more intense than my speech or sometimes I want to be heard first before the other parties react. I used to write love letters but never reach the recipients. It’s my way of releasing that strong attraction secretly. Hahaha! I used to write letters and emails to my friends and families too. I remember writing a letter to my mom on her birthday but instead of giving it to her personally, I put it on her clothes storage.
  3. I want to share my experience/knowledge. Where do I get my content? It’s from my experiences and knowledge. Although, they are common for others but for me, most of the things I shared are my firsts or many friends can relate to the topic.
  4. I keep in touch with my friends. It is not everyday that we reach out to our friends to catch up. Blogging is one way to keep in touch with them. Sharing what is happening to me is also a way of telling them “hey, this is what is going on in my life right now.” If they react, you connect to them. If they comment, you start the conversation.
  5. I want to improve my writing. And the easiest way to learn is to keep writing. Comment on my blog is not simply for reacting on the topic. I also accepts criticisms. I would appreciate if you can point my mistakes and proofread my posts. But I do try to write as grammatically correct as possible.
  6. It’s therapeutic.  Writing is one of my so-called therapeutic things. I feel the happiness and calmness whenever I publish a post or I completed the topic.
  7. It’s something to look forward to. I try to publish post once a week and that is one of the things I look forward to. It’s 1-2 hours me-time in front of the computer with coffee/tea and bread/cake on the right side. It’s quite a relaxing moment for me.
  8. Increase my awareness with my surroundings. I like observing my surroundings. I like sitting on a bench and watch the vehicles and people pass by. I believe in everything and everyone has story. With my up and running blog, if I have the topic in mind, I observed more. But I don’t dare touch some sensitive topics like religion and politics. My opinion for these matters are not meant to be shared on the internet. I don’t want to debate with others whom I don’t see.
  9. It’s a productive habit. Oh yes! I like watching asian series. One drama consumes 16-30 hours. That’s a lot of unproductive and unhealthy hours. But I still watch sometimes. Hahaha! Blogging will stop me from looking for another drama to watch.
  10. It’s like a filtered diary. I am sharing my stories, my thoughts, my life which makes my blog a filtered diary. Filtered because not all details are being shared, not all happenings can be a post. I still value a bit of privacy.
  11. Inspire others. Well this is my wish. I wish that somehow I am inspiring others. I wish that my readers will learn something good from my blog. I wish to give them hope. If I share my problems and how I overcome them, I want them to know that they are not alone and whatever hardships they have, they too shall pass.
  12. Write unspoken words of other people. Sometimes I write based on my friends’ stories and thoughts. If you have more information on my topics and you wish to include them, feel free to contact me.
  13. I can monetize my blog. I am a  newbie to this thing. There are so many ways to monetize a blog but I still don’t find the right thing to do. As of now, I only rely on ads. It will not make me rich but a cent is still a money.

With all these reasons, do you understand now why I am blogging. Do you want to do the same? If you want to know how to setup your blog or want to have an eCommerce website, contact me. Next time, I will write about my first ever client on eCommerce website.

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