Monthly:December 2018

A Day Before 2019

A day before 2019 is the New Year’s Eve. Many people are busy doing their year-end routines. I used to have one and that is pampering myself by going to salon for a new hair style and nail polish. I couldn’t remember when I stop doing them. Most families, especially Filipinos across the world, are busy preparing for their media noche(new year’s eve midnight dinner). Some people are already lighting up the firecrackers as early as 6am. Some are looking […]

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Who is Rica Mae and why I started a fundraising campaign?

Rica Mae is my cousin, my mother’s sister’s daughter. She was a full scholar of Polytechnic University of the Philippines and an Accountancy graduate this year. Her father died some years ago and since then she has become the strength of her family. She studied very hard to maintain the scholarship because that is the only way for her to finish her studies. Although a scholar, her allowance is not enough to support her other expenses and projects. She may […]

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