A Day Before 2019

A day before 2019 is the New Year’s Eve. Many people are busy doing their year-end routines. I used to have one and that is pampering myself by going to salon for a new hair style and nail polish. I couldn’t remember when I stop doing them. Most families, especially Filipinos across the world, are busy preparing for their media noche(new year’s eve midnight dinner). Some people are already lighting up the firecrackers as early as 6am. Some are looking for something to wear to match the color of the year. For 2019, according to Pantone, it is a living coral. Too bad we don’t have this color in our closet. Almost everyone is excited to see the fireworks displays outside or even at home through live streaming. A lot of people are thinking about what had happened in 2018 and their new year’s resolutions.

As for me, after my red cross volunteer work and food delivery, I am in the balcony writing this blog. I have so many things to say I mean write. This year, my life specifically my emotions are in roller-coaster. I cannot count how many times I cried. I grieved when I lost my grandmother, I shed many tears from the unexpected situations that occurred when we migrated here in Australia. I was teary-eyed when a news came that my aunt has breast cancer. And if that’s not enough, a series of unexpected decline in health turned leukemia of my 21-year-old cousin shook my already shaken world. A day before 2019, Rica Mae is doing her part 2 of 3 of her first chemotherapy.

In short, 2018 is one of my emotional years. Many of you can relate, I guess. But here we are, tomorrow is already 2019. It means we did it! We survived. We are blessed and thankful. And it will not be possible if God did not send those superheroes who are not wearing capes.

The forever superheroes of our lives who are always there to support, listen, understand and love us unconditionally.

The superheroes whom we didn’t expect to be one.

And recently, the strangers turned superheroes whom we do not know personally but came to our rescue.

Your support for my budding food business, freelance work, your time, your prayer, your monetary donations, your effort, your blood and even your reassuring smile, they all save the challenges of 2018. Because of you, we are facing the new year with positive energy and full of hopes. We will do our best to make 2019 an awesome and great year.

In behalf of my family and relatives, we are all wishing you a happy and safe new year’s celebration, a healthy life, more strength, and blessed 365 awesome days of 2019.

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