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    The Valentine of my Life

    February 15, 2019

    “Valentine” is the term we use to refer to that special someone every February 14. Mostly, our Valentine is our partner, if we have one. But we have live in this world long enough and probably your Valentine today is not the same person 10 years ago. This time, I will tell you about the persons who become my Valentine within the more than 3 decades of my life.

    My parents, aunties and grandmother. Even if I don’t have any memory of Feb 14 when I was a baby and kid, they raised me so all my love that time must be in one of them if not all.

    Mama and Papa. I remember when I was a kid, my mom was our(my sisters) Valentine. But we are not good in expressing our love personally. We made the valentine card and hid them on her closet. My father on the other hand was living in the city so we sent him snail mail on every occasion. They will always be my Valentine for life.

    My sisters. We are not getting along well when we were young. You know that sibling fights were always there. Don’t get me wrong, we were above average in terms of the phrase,”good kids”. We were the kids you wish to have. Hahaha! The saying, “Side by side or miles apart, sisters are always connected by heart.”, is very true to us. Now all of us are living in different countries, but we know we always have each others’ back.

    Friends. They do come and go. But there are friends who are buried deep in my heart that even if we were thousand miles apart, friendship is still alive. At some point in time, I used to buy flowers for my friends or dine with them on V-day even if I have a boyfriend. Living in Singapore for years gave me friends for keeps in spite of our culture differences.

    Crush and puppy loves. Nope. They never become my Valentine. They gave me roller coaster emotions but all of them were unrequited. On every V-day, I expected but those expectations went to the trash bin. Feb 14 was the day where I wrote and tore love letters as soon as I finished writing them.

    My only boyfriend, my only ex, my husband. Having him makes me think about what to do on Valentine’s day. But guess what, we rarely celebrate. Both of us are shy to carry flowers while walking on the streets. On our first valentine, he gave me flowers which were in his backpack and I didn’t dare to get it until we reached my home. I am not a fan of chocolates so no, thank you. He is not the typical guy who gives flowers so when he does, it’s one for the books. But one thing I appreciate the most is he knows how much I value my friends that he is willing to give flowers to a friend who spends V-day with me. Now, that’s rare. The only romantic valentine’s date we had was when his boss gave us a surprise intimate romantic dinner in Little Bali, Singapore. He is certainly the right and my forever Valentine.

    My daughter. She is my chocolate on V-day since she was born. The kind of chocolate which is sweet, salty and bitter in one. Hahaha!

    Myself. Yes. You read it right. This year, my Valentine is myself. I was harsh to myself last year when things were not going according to my expectations. Self-love was something I lost last year and get them back before 2018 ended. I know many friends can relate to me. Let’s work hard on loving ourselves more. Only then we can radiate love to others. Today, a new friend in her 50s hug me with messages that almost made me cry. I barely know her and vice versa but today she asked a lot of questions about me and I answered honestly. Some days are cold, but season changes. Someday when it gets warmer, we’ll realize that cold days are meant to make us appreciate the warmer days.

    In more than 3 decades in this world, I have so many Valentines and I thank God for giving them to me. I may be lacking with so many things based on society’s standards but I have so much love around me and I hope to radiate it to the people who walk into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Time to make things right

    June 21, 2018

    For the past months, I was really emotionally unstable and my brain was a mess and my previous post have the details. I really felt the stress all over my body and I also got sick. Thanks God I was able to get out of that situation.

    One day, we were in the library and saw one of the books with warning tag, “The Less Stress Lifestyle”. Maybe it’s time to read this and it might help me. But one week had passed and I was still in the first chapter. I am not a bookworm. I only read pocketbooks(novels) and 3 inspirational ones but that’s ages ago. However, I cannot let go of that book so I keep renewing it. Somehow, deep inside I know it will change my perspective of handling stress.

    One night, a friend messaged me and confided her situation. She was also not okay. As a friend, I wanted to help her. I gave some opinions and shared my issues too. We comforted each other. Unknowingly, our advice seems like a strong reminder on how to deal with our issues. It goes down to talking heart to heart with your partner. Of course, the best person to help you is your partner or the person who live under the same roof as yours. If he will not understand, then who will.

    We were almost finishing our lunch that day when I broke down in tears. I told my husband my thoughts, my failures, my failed wants, everything. I know it will make him feel bad but he needs to know. We talked about the issues and how we’re going to fix them. I thank God for giving me a supportive husband. It really feels a lot better after talking to him.

    First of all, I need to fix my relationship with my daughter. I stop looking for job(but only for sometime). If I see an opportunity, I will apply. I try to do some chores when she is sleeping and set them aside when she’s awake so that I have more time with her. Deep breathing whenever she throws tantrums but of course there are still “face the wall” moments.

    Last month, we went to Sydney to renew our passports and met our friends. I had the chance to chat with my female friends and 2 of them are moms. This vacation which gave us time to bond as a family and with friends, hearing their stories and sharing mine completely got me out of the mess. Yes, I can share my issues with my friends in chat application but nothing really beats when you share them personally to your friends and learn from their stories too. Everyone has a story and sometimes all we need is to listen and learn from their experiences.

    Know that difficult time will resurface, it’s just that we don’t know when, but we are never alone in the battle. We just need to keep trying, accept our situation, admit that we need help and let go the things we cannot control. Worrying too much will not help. My husband is right. Instead of worrying, I should do something to improve myself. I will by learning web development(typescript and angular). This is hard for me coz I realize I am too lazy to study. I fell asleep most of the time, I get bored. I am easily distracted by other stuffs. But I will continue and hopefully will get what I want to achieve. I will try my best to finish the book. As of this writing, I am already in chapter 7. There are so many things I want to do. But time to be realistic and only do what I can do, one at a time. Things will always get better. One had reminded me to trust God, to enjoy the journey. I will.

    For now I am a housewife, a stay at home mom. I enjoy every bit of it. I can fulfill my duties as wife and mom and for now that’s all that matters to me. There are so many work inside the house but sometimes I still miss working outside. I joined the Melbourne playgroup to meet more moms and establish my network. Sometimes, I still think about money. But this time, I don’t let this eat me.

    I have a lot of realizations for the past months. I learned a lot. Thank you to my friends who are always with me even we’re miles and miles away and for my family in Philippines who support my decisions even if they will affect them. To my own family, for being the anchor of my life. Most of all, thanks God for giving me these wonderful people. I will forever be grateful for having such blessing and for surrounding me with so much love.

    This is the situation that gives birth to kusinelda. I’m back to blogging and it really feels good. Why am I into blogging? I will tell you next time. 🙂