What is that word?

Do you also find yourself googling that word you didn’t understand after seeing a facebook post, tweet, instagram caption, from a chat group or even from someone who just talked to you? Yes? Give me a high five!

Are you the one who’s confused between using your/you’re or hills/heels? Or the one who’s uncomfortable when you see these words which are incorrectly used in a post? I am the latter.

Did you read a nicely written article or blog by an author who has extensive vocabulary but almost never understand what it’s all about? Did you read it twice or thrice but still didn’t get it? Hahaha! Fist bump!

I call myself a blogger because I have a blog. But sometimes, I’m ashamed to be one because I am not a highly articulate person. Can you relate? Hugsss!

One word: VOCABULARY. The struggle is real when you’re trying to write or understand what you’re reading but don’t know the words.

I’ve tried many times to improve my vocabulary. I bought a pocket dictionary so that it will come in handy when I need to search a word. Those were the times when smartphones were not in yet. When I started working, internet is my dictionary. When I finally owned a smartphone, there is one app called “Word of the Day”. I also installed some word games and trivia. The result, in my opinion, I still need to improve my vocabulary.

Although I am still a work in progress when it comes to this aspect, there are actually 3 easy ways that work effectively.

  1. Read. Keep reading books, articles, tweets, posts and news. Chances are you will encounter new words and google them to understand.
  2. Write. Writing makes you think of the right words and other options to use to construct your sentences for your tweets, caption, facebook and blog posts. BUT, before you hit that post, share or publish button, check your grammars and your chosen words. Are they correct? If in doubt, ask google or a friend.
  3. Talk to others. The most effective of them all is constantly conversing with different kind of people. Why different? Every person has different level of vocabulary. You will meet a person whose using words with depth, metaphorically, jargon, slang…etc. They will teach you almost everyday. For someone who forgets words easily, like me, this is the best method to increase vocabulary skills.

I write this blog because we need to admit that social media exposes our lack of vocabulary and English skills. At the same time, chat applications allow us to use shortcut words. There are many factors that degrade our skills and they might continuously affect us. But we should never stop trying to improve our vocabulary and communication skills. If we can’t express our thoughts correctly, people will misunderstand. I know it very well. Feel free to proofread my blog. I am open to hear your comments.

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